Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Wied Moqbol development decision criticised by Zminijietna

Żminijietna – Voice of the Left condemns the decision taken by the MEPA Appeals Board to approve permit to relocate a hard stone quarry (No9& No2) from 'Hagar Qim' to 'Wied Moqbol'.
“The site earmarked for excavation is of agricultural and high landscape value on which grow a substantial number of large carob trees, some of which are of millenarian age and other local tree species that warrant protection. Wied Moqbol is also designated by the South Malta Local Plan (Map ZU 4) as an Agricultural Area as per Policy SMAG 01”.
Żminijietna  said that “this decision shows that MEPA is much more in favour of development, rather the protection of the natural environment. Żminijietna appeals MEPA to put constraint on the owners of the unused Quarry in the vicinity of Hagar Qim Temples to rehabilitate the area for cultivation and environmental protection”.
Press Release 5/1/15

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