Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Żminijietna supports the new maternity leave trust fund/Żminijietna tappoġġja t-twaqqif ta’ fond għall-lif tal-maternita.

Press Release: 
Żminijietna supports the new maternity leave trust fund

Żminijietna – Voice of the Left agrees with the institution of a ‘Maternity Leave Trust Fund’, as this would strengthen the sustainability of public finances, and contribute to gender equality at the workplace.

It is Żminijietna's belief that the separation of the gender of one's employees and the obligation to contribute to Maternity Leave is positive, helping to safeguard the provision of such leave as well as eliminating a disincentive to the employment of women. 

"The skeptical position taken by the Malta Employers' Association was to be expected in a politico-economic climate where the cutting of labour costs and the elimination of the social welfare safety net is part of a socially destructive neo-liberal agenda". 

Żminijietna has always believed that more progressive policies should form part of Malta’s economic and social policies, and perhaps this Fund is a hint of change to come.”