Friday, 23 January 2015

Public Transport Reform – Żminijietna’s feedback.

Żminijietna – Voice of the Left supports the public transport reform package that is coming into force. Żminijietna augurs that these reforms will lead to more efficiency, affordability, improved routes and better accessibility.
“Regarding the environment, Żminijietna considers positive the introduction of Euro 6 vehicles as this is in parallel with EU regulations”.
“With regards to ticketing, Żminijietna is highly concerned with the removal of the daily/weekly ticket for adults. This new measure can lead to increased costs, for example for workers with irregular employment, workers who use public transport more than two rides a day, irregular users, and families with children over 12 years old”.
On the other hand, Żminijietna supports the introduction of the card system as this will lead to more efficiency as waiting time on bus stops will be reduced. It is also positive, the fact, that the new company will honour the present collective agreement.   

Press Release 23-1-15

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