Thursday, 15 January 2015

Gzira development will deprive pedestrians of seaview

application PA/05376/06, to develop a Lido, out of land reclamation on a site at Triq ix-Xatt in Gzira. This proposal will be discussed during MEPA’s Board meeting Today.
“Should the development be approved, pedestrians walking along the Gzira promenade will be deprived of seaviews. The proposal two have a two-metre walkaway at the side of the lido is a ridiculous insult to the concept of public access”
“Should the proposal be approved, this will open a precedent for other such development along the Gzira and Sliema promenade, depriving the public of public space”.
“The area earmarked for development under the 'National Inventory for the Maltese Islands' is classified as an area of high landscape value of the Harbour Fortifications”.

Press Release 15/1/14

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