Tuesday, 25 March 2014

“Child Supplement scheme should not lead to more conditional welfare” - Żminijietna

Żminijietna - Voice of the Left welcomed the Child Supplement Scheme which was recently announced by the Government.

"It is positive that the Labour Government has introduced a supplement which gives some comfort to low-income families. However, we augur that conditional welfare is the exception, and not the norm, in welfare delivery. This is because such welfare can be stigmatizing and can help foster prejudice and myths on so-called 'dysfunctional families' and the 'underclass'.

"On the other hand, unconditional universalistic welfare is distributed as a social right to compensate for hardship and inequality caused by contemporary capitalism. Welfare such as children's allowance should not be subject to such conditionality".

In its 15 proposals to the Government to combat poverty and social exclusion, Żminijietna had included proposals such as in increase in the minimum wage, realistic COLA reform, clear legislation against precarious employment and children's universal access to state services in areas such as education, culture and sports.

Żminijietna's proposals can be read here:

Press Release 25-3-14

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