Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Syrian Chemical Weapons – Malta should take a clear position against dumping in the Mediterranean Sea

"Government should take a clear position against the dumping of 800 tonnes of biohazard chemical weapons in international waters between Italy, Malta and Greece", said Żminijietna - Voice of the Left.

"The transfer of the weapons from a Danish ship to a specialised American processing vessel is due to take place in the coming weeks, off the port of Gioia Tauro, south of Italy.

The government and all Maltese MEPs should put pressure on the European Commission to ensure that the transfer of Syrian chemical weapons does not take place in the Mediterraneanregion. We applaud Labour MEP Joseph Cuschieri, who already raised this issue in European Parliament, thus taking a far stronger position than Minister George Vella, who played down the danger. We urge other MEPs to take a clear position on this issue", stated Żminijietna - Voice of the Left.

Żminijietna - Voice of the Left said that "The International Movement 'Let's Do It' are also appealing to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to reconsider better options for neutralization and dumping, and are also appealing the Prime Ministers of Greece, Malta and Italy not to allow such a destructive process that will hinder the well-being of Mediterranean and European societies and ecosystems. This is done through an international petition.

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Press Release 4-2-14

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