Sunday, 16 February 2014

Female Genital Mutilation: Żminijietna supports Ban and Guidelines for support.

Żminijietna – Voice of the Left fully agrees with the new guidelines for support presented by Labour MP Dr Chris Fearne, as these go in line with the European Commissions’ plan in developing a multidisciplinary cooperation in the fields of health, education, judiciary, social services and child protection.
“According to Labour MP Dr. Chris Fearne, who is also piloting the bill for the criminalization of female genital mutilation, children of these migrants living in Malta may be at a higher risk of undergoing the procedure.
As estimated most of the female asylum seekers who came to Malta, were from countries where genital mutilation is often practiced.  Further on, it may be difficult to establish the number of girls who may be at risk and there is lack of evidence on the circumstances of mutilations carried out on girls living in the EU. Studies show that many survivors from the practice of female genital mutilation may go through short and long term consequences after this procedure”.
Żminijietna believes that “children at risk should be placed under care order if need be. Also NGOS, Government agencies, police and health care professionals working with migrant communities should be provided with guidelines on how to deal with such situations. 
The European Commission is also of the opinion that though health services are being sufficiently provided, there may be a lack of holistic approach, including psychological and post traumatic support for victims. Victims need to be supported. 
Press Release 15-2-14

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