Monday, 11 November 2013

Reaction to Budget 2014

Żminijietna – Voice of the Left said that “Whilst various social measures of Budget 2014 are positive, on the other hand it is unclear whether Government’s socially regressive tax policy is sustainable to maintain egalitarian and universal public services”
“Free child-care centres, incentives for more people to enter the labour market, tax benefits for first time buyers, and increase in social benefits for persons with disability and others with severe conditions are beneficial, though it is disappointing to see that services such as IVF will not be universally accessible”.
“With regard to education and employment, Żminijietna welcomes the increase in public investment in education and for the strengthening of the stipends system. We insist for specific legislation against precariousness, as otherwise, policies which aim to make work pay can reach a dead-end if there are not enough decent and stable jobs. An increase in the minimum wage can make work pay act as an incentive for more persons to enter the labour market and have a better quality of life".
“In relation to energy, Żminijietna supports in principle the proposed reduction in energy prices. Strategically, however, the budget fails in renewable energy, in sustainable water policies and in the creation of green jobs. A shift to renewable energy is essential for energy sustainability”.

“Government’s determination to reduce income tax rate for the well-off is regressive and can put the financial sustainability of the welfare state in danger. This is even more worrying when Malta requires massive state investment in pensions, as the majority of workers cannot afford third-pillar private pensions. A socially just society with universal public services requires socially just revenue measures to enhance the redistribution of wealth”. 

Press Release 10 November 2013

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