Monday, 9 March 2015

International Women's Day: Reaching Out to all Women in Society

According to Żminijietna – Voice of the Left, “women have come a long way, and International Women's Day is an opportunity to evaluate the achievements, rights, and economic and political participation of women in contemporary society. Such an occasion should also serve to encourage initiatives intended to promote these to aim to reach more women from all walks of life.”

On this occasion, Żminijietna also said that “women should continue aiming towards an equal society free from gender discrimination, better working conditions, and improvements in the reach and scope of social security rights, with a greater outreach in particular to those women who form part of minorities - such as single mothers, immigrants and widowers.”

“In recent years, women have become more present in the labour market and more financially independent. However, when it comes to employment, women are more likely to take up part -time employment - or interrupt their careers altogether - due to domestic matters such as sick parents. In addition, many are also being subjected to precarious employment conditions."

Żminijietna fully supports the several measures taken by Government to increase the family-friendliness of policy, which were responsible in part for the positive consequence of greater female participation in the labour market. Żminijietna would like to see such family-friendly measures incentivised in the private sector.  

Press Release 8/3/15

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