Tuesday, 28 January 2014

EU emissions reduction targets – Żminijietna appeals for a common position.

“The Left block and the Green group in the European Parliament condemned the European Commission's new emissions reduction targets as ‘devastating for the planet’. Environmental non governmental organisations (engos) also lambasted this decision. The new greenhouse gas emissions target is a reduction on 1990 levels of 40% by 2030. This is a step back from the EU's previous targets in 2009, which although being insufficient, had binding targets for each member state”, said the leftist NGO Żminijietna.
“Once again the commission has put the interests of large energy companies above the interests of the environment and the most vulnerable populations whose livelihoods are already under threat as a result of climate change.”
Żminijietna appeals to the Maltese government and Maltese members of European Parliament to support the position taken by the European left, green, and other environmental organisations against the European Commission. The Maltese representatives in European Parliament and Council of Ministers should ensure that a majority of EU governments and the European Parliament reject this Conservative retreat. 
Press Release 28 January 2014

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