Saturday, 14 December 2013

Green Economy - Żminijietna calls for a social and ecological model

  In relation to Government's call for proposals in relation to policies related to the Green economy, Żminijietna - Voice of the Left called for a social and ecological model which can result in more sustainability.
The proposals which Żminijietna submitted to the Government include, amongst others, having holistic policy making which gives priority to environmental and social aspects apart from economic ones, and ongoing consultation with different civil-society stakeholders.
Fiscal measures, funding and simplified administrative procedures should encourage investment and research in the green economy, and the restructuring of transport policy and of industries such as construction should be in line with sustainable goals.
Żminijietna added that adaptation to climate change should be a national priority, as should preventive health and green procurement.
Such policies can result in green jobs at various levels, but it should be ensured that these are not precarious. Besides, irregular migrants can be integrated in the labour market through state-managed initiatives for a better environment

Press Release - 12 December 2013

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